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"Welcome to BlockPeer, your gateway to secure and seamless cryptocurrency management."


BlockPeer is a Non-Custodial wallet-embedded accounting platform. Safe multisig and account abstraction wallets are natively integrated with the accounting platform. No more manual API integration. Just sign-up, start creating wallets, and pay for your suppliers, raise invoices, and make payroll right from the BlockPeer integrated digital asset/fiat accounting. Automatic accounting entries, no dual work of digital asset operations in separate platforms & book-keeping in another platform.

Our Mission

Our mission at BlockPeer is to revolutionize the way businesses interact with cryptocurrency, by providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for crypto payment and accounting. We are committed to driving innovation in the financial sector, empowering businesses of all sizes to harness the potential of blockchain technology, and building a future where financial transactions are more accessible, transparent, and secure for everyone.

Our Vision

BlockPeer simplifies finance by merging traditional and digital assets on one platform, making digital asset and fiat accounting straightforward for all businesses.

TeamOur Team

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Experts

"At BlockPeer, our technology experts are not just innovators; they are your allies in navigating the future of blockchain."

  • Venkatesh Rengarajan
    Venkatesh Rengarajan
  • Stephan Allen
    Stephan Allen
    Advisor & Growth Catalyst
  • Manish Rana
    Manish Rana
    Full stack Developer
  • Vikas Shrivastav
    Vikas Shrivastav
    UX/ UI Designer