Simplify and Secure Your Payables
with Safe Multisig

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Safe Multisig

At BlockPeer, we understand the importance of managing company finances securely and efficiently. That's why we've introduced Safe Multisig - a feature designed to give your organization an extra layer of security and control over vendor and employee payments, all while keeping the process straightforward and accessible.

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How Safe Multisig Works

Safe Multisig allows your team to approve payments together, requiring more than one person to sign off before money leaves your account. This means better security and no single point of failure.

Simplifying Payments for Vendors and Employees

Setting Up Safe Multisigs with MPC Wallets

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Benefits of Using Safe Multisig

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Together, let's redefine the future of finance with BlockPeer. By embracing our innovative platform, you're not just adopting the latest in crypto payment and accounting technology; you're contributing to a more secure, efficient, and transparent financial ecosystem.